Dr. Murhula has dispensed courses from middle school, high school, college, to graduate programs in different countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his native country, Kenya and the United States. Through his years of teaching, he says that that teaching is about transforming perspectives about life; that he can’t distinguish between teaching as a profession and priesthood; and that passion is very important in all that we do. Dr. Murhula has previously taught Spiritual and Moral Theology, the Catholic Social Doctrine, the Politics of Developing Societies, and Encountering Africa. Currently, he teaches Theories of International Relations, African Cultures and Conflicts, and Foreign Policy Analysis.

Besides enjoying his intellectual life as a professor, he also loves poetry, the arts, and mentoring the youth. He founded a Ballet group using art, music and dance for civic and political education in Eastern Congo. He serves as East Africa Co-editor of the Critical Investigation into Humanitarianism in Africa, or simply the CIHA Blog (http://www.cihablog.com). Dr. Murhula has several publications of poetry, literary critiques, and political science in different anthologies, journals, and books.

Graduate Courses Recently Offered

PS 511: Theories of International Relations
PS 512: African Cultures and Conflicts
PS 513: Foreign Policy Analysis

Some Publications

  • “Jesuit–Protestant Encounters in Colonial Congo in the Late Nineteenth Century: Perceptions, Prejudices, and the Competition for African Souls,” In Robert A. Maryks and Festo Mkenda, S.J. (eds). Encounters between Jesuits and Protestants in Africa. Boston: Brill, 2018, pp. 194-214.
  • Matin Sauvage. Paris : Editions Ndze (2014).
  • Lettre à une génération damnée. Paris : Editions Ndze, 2009.
  • Solstice d'Afriques, (poèmes en hommage à V.Y. Mudimbe). Paris : Editions L’Harmattan, 2009.
  • Bukavu : La chanson du soleil en Exil (poèmes). Ottawa : Editions Malaika, 2004.
  • “Democracy in Africa: An Experiment in Progress,” Promotio Iustitiae, no. 109, Rome, 2012/2
  • “Africa’s Wealth and Western Poverty of Thought: A Response to J. Peter Pham’s New York Times’ Article on the Congo, November 30, 2012,” Pambazuka, Issue no. 610, December 13, available at
  • « Aimé Césaire : Un Autre Héritage sans Testament ? » in Vivre c’est résister, hommages à Germaine Tillion et Aimé Césaire. Claire Mestre, Marie Rose Moro, Hélène Asensi (editors), Paris : Editions Pensée Sauvage, 2010.

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